Introduction to a Class

Hello everyone,
I am so glad you will be able to join me for an afternoon of creating a “Soul Story”.  One afternoon may not be enough, but with everyone’s time being a premium I am hoping it will work for us.  In order to give us all a little head start I have developed a list of things to think about before designing the piece.

The first thing to consider is the black and white photograph you will use.  Here are some ideas: self, child, other relative now or in past generations, pets, home, or perhaps a place of great significance to you.
This needs to be enlarged to a size that would fit well onto a 9 x 12 piece of paper, leaving room for other support pieces that you will create as well.

Next is a color theme that you feel fits this photograph.  I recommend using either contrasting colors or families of color.  For this it is just nice to have an idea ahead of time.  When you are thinking about color it is helpful to know the kind of feeling you want, the emotion.

You are welcome to bring objects that you may want added or you can use things that I have in my stash.  Some of the following can be used:
music, maps, prayers, dictionary meanings (ie: observation: The gathering of information through sight.)  using any appropriate word, horoscope info,songs, or quotes.  I have some quotes on the following page, I have quote books or you may already have something in mind.

Sometimes people will do a piece focusing on hobbies like gardening, camping, sports, photography or whatever.  If that is the focus bring supporting information, pictures, words, numbers.
Good Luck, Love, Carol


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