History of Hometown Memories

44.05’30 ‘N  /  68.49’20”  Winter Harbor, Maine-Where this all started!!!!

Carol’s art journey began on the shores of Winter Harbor, collecting treasures and adding them to other things to make “something “.  This addiction to finding objects, media and photographs to tell a story has been a long one, fueled by precipitous adventures with fabulous instructors along the way.

Landing in Venice, Florida for the winter with a yearning to make art, Carol ventured into Venice Art Center.  The only class they had available was a Mixed Media class with Joanna Coke, it started in 10 minutes.  As soon as Joanna introduced her course Carol knew she had hit the jackpot.  Five years later-still taking classes from Joanna during the winter.  (“It takes some people a really long time to learn!”)

There are three other fabulous instructors that helped to mold Carol’s art direction: David Haskins, Phillip Frey and Kim Bernard.  These folks taught Oils and Encaustics.  That work can be seen at  http://www.carolmichaud.com

About ten years ago Carol found herself the keeper of all the family memories, vintage photographs and memorabilia.  Story telling through art has been part of the world for as far back as information exists.  This became an opportunity to put the pieces of the puzzle together in the form of Narrative Art.

Today Carol makes and sells her art in Maine and Florida.  She gives classes to assist others in their quest to tell their stories and she makes art on commission.



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