Presenting A Collection: People, Places & Memories

*Snapshots from a small coastal Maine town, 19th-21st century stories told through art

People-Why?  Because I love to learn more about folks and the rich history they offer.  I grew up in this small town and know many of the folks, generations of family members who make up the population and the stories I tell.

– Heros & Heroines, Ghosts known to me or others, family & friends


Places-Why?  Because certain places evoke memories and stories from one generation to the next.  Each story has unique sounds, smells, light, colors and of course the architecture of places we see every day and places we see only in photographs and memory.  As towns grow and change, many structures are changed or raised.  Sometimes those structures deserve an opportunity to shine today as they did in the past.

-Gathering Places, Homes, Places of Work & Play


Memories-Why?  Story telling is a rich tradition passed on from one generation to the next and helps to make up the soul of an area.  As new folks move in they join that tradition and add their own unique story to the mix of memories to be made and told.

-Some  lived, some passed on through storytelling, some made up through Artist license


A Way of Life-Gone By


Bye Bye Sardines

Bye Bye Sardines

This picture depicts the last Sardine Processing Plant in the United States-closed 2010.


Challenges along the way:

-Finding people to tell the stories and photographs and other memorabilia that fit the work

-Being brave enough to tackle controversial issues in the artwork

-Creating a piece of art that uses various methods to tell the story


This site allows me to share the artwork, the stories and the process with others who are interested.  I hope to reach folks who would like to own a piece of narrative artwork.  The work is available 3 ways-

-purchasing a piece that is on this site

-commission me to make a piece of narrative art from materials you provide

-learn to make your own memorable piece in one of my classes


I invite you to please share a comment, a memory or a dream.


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    • soulstoriesbycarol says:

      Dear Marthaa, I want to “Thank You” a billion!!!! You are such a great support and I appreciate your considerations. I will have to say no on the Leibster Award because I am so busy with the web sites and the art classes that I do not have the time to pursue this. I do again appreciate your kindness and continue to enjoy your web site. Thank you so much, Carol

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