Hometown Memories-Throwback Thursday-Painting Downeast

IMG_3898I am very lucky to be away this week on Gardner Lake in Downeast Maine taking a painting class with Phillip Frey.  This is not a picture of the area that we will be painting in but I thought that the coastal scene was appropriate to get the idea out.

I have been fortunate to have taken classes with Phillip before and I know that this class will be very inspirational and positive.  There will be a small group of us painting  outdoors from approx. 9-4 each day this week.  If the rain visits us and it is too fierce we will find a space inside to paint but I do remember pouring water off the top of the oil paints as we continued an outdoor project a time or two.   Being prepared for weather conditions, bugs and sometimes a brain cramp, being geared up with food, drink, paint supplies and a sense of humor and being ready to stretch ourselves as artists will be the most important features of preparation for the week.  I will post some of the pictures on this blog and my website when the class is over.


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