Hometown Memories-Throwback Thursday-Travel Week

Denny's Ride 8X10 Mixed Media

Denny’s Ride
8X10 Mixed Media

This week is a travel week for me.  I head to Star Island off the coast of Portsmouth, NH for a Professional Development Conference.  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with one of my favorite artist friends, Kim Bernard.  This will help me to plan where this art project is going next and plan ways to accomplish that goal.  I think that it is so advantageous to meet with other folks in the field and brainstorm about what is available, what fits your goals and life story  and  create plans of how to forge that course.  Kim has been an artist, a teacher and an organizer for a very long time.  She is currently an artist in residence at the Physics Dept. at Harvard University.  Kim’s encaustic work and workshops  are  what brought her to my attention.  Her sculptural work is what brought her to the attention of the Physics Department at Harvard.    If you enjoy sculpture that uses movement you can see her work on her web site.  Her professional career is moving beyond teaching and this may be one of the last classes I will share with her.  I am very grateful for this opportunity.

To top off this amazing class I will get to see both of my daughters, one Granddaughter and a presentation by Brene’ Brown with Angela & Jessica.  I just started Brene” Brown’s newest book, Rising Strong.  This is an interesting book that talks about vulnerability  and being human.  For me this kind of book helps me to take in the sadness and the horrors of the world and put some things into perspective, be grateful for family, friends and community.  Of course it is much deeper then that and seeing her in person will be a great was to really absorb her message.



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