Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Ferry Dock 8 x 10 encaustic

Ferry Dock
8 x 10 encaustic

Winter Harbor Ferry (sometimes known as the Bar Harbor Ferry) is pictured here landing at the dock many years ago.  Fast forward a few decades (quite a few!) and again we have the opportunity to sail from Winter Harbor to Bar Harbor and back.

I have read that this summer there is even a much larger Ferry available.  Today the Ferry lands at the dock located on Sargent St. and folks can choose to walk into town, (grocery store and post office are less then a mile) or take the Island Explorer free bus service.  This boat is used primarily for tourists, the prices are prohibitive for local folks to use on any sort of regular basis.  The savings one enjoys from taking the boat is that of avoiding traffic, the environmental impact on the community (of Bar Harbor) and the pleasure of traveling by boat.

There has been talk of moving the Ferry landing in Winter Harbor away from town.  Would the businesses in our town be better served if the landing was moved closer to Schoodic Point?  They can offer housing, food and entertainment at SERC.  Does anyone care?  The bus service already refuses to serve any place beyond the bank.  Art shows and performances at Hammond Hall, Works of Hand Gallery and the Golf course are not available on the bus line.  If the boat landing gets moved I wonder where the bus will stop then.  Maybe at the IGA, or at Peter’s or at Winter Harbor Welcome Center????


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