Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

                                                    “Letters to Madge”

She Loved Her Cats! 8 x 10 mixed media

She Loved Her Cats!
8 x 10 mixed media

This is Madge Tracy Coombs.  She moved to Winter Harbor  from Steuben when she married my Grandfather, Dennis Coombs in 1918.  They purchased this house and lived here throughout their lives.  Madge was a reserved woman who loved cats.  She worked hard most of her life as a cleaning lady on Grindstone Neck.  In the off season she could be found knitting bait bags, or crocheting blankets.  Madge corresponded with her friends and family by letter.  The penmanship on these letters is exquisite, and the information within seems much like some of the facebook posts we see today.    (People keeping in touch, saying hello, a few stories shared and some ideas for future visits.)  Of course a letter is one person addressing another person, not one person addressing all of their facebook friends and often their friends too, then maybe more if that post gets shared.  I don’t even quite get how it all works.  I do get the importance of being very cautious. I also know that I really appreciate knowing how folks are doing.  Are they well?  What do they enjoy doing?  Pictures of friends and family are fun.   I also wonder how this mode of communication will fit in history.  From the idea of using technology I often think of all of those 8 tracks we not longer use or have a way to view. Will there be studies done of our generation,  thoughts and ideas ignited by things we have shared?   How will our ancestors know us?


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