Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Messing Around in Dinghy’s”

10 x 10 oil

10 x 10 oil

Have you ever spent a few hours just messing around in dinghy’s?

Some of my earliest memories include spending time at the Town Dock.  This love affair began when my friend Deb and I began scouring the shoreline for treasures.  We were never disappointed.  I moved from hunting to fishing.  I would drop a line hoping for pollack and often times pull up a toad sculpin.  Not to be deterred, we found uses for that fish too.  It didn’t take long to realize how much freedom rowing would offer, so that’s when I first picked up a set of oars.  What to do with those oars took a while to figure out, but after quite a bit of practice I was on my way.  On my way to trouble!  These dinghy’s are working boats and they need to be taken care of and available for the lobster men when needed.  One very kind and generous man explained the rules to me and also offered to give me permission to use his boat when he was not using it.

After the Haul 12 x 25 acrylic

After the Haul
12 x 25 acrylic

I finally had “both oars in the water”, a term meaning that I was finally on the right path. This practice of “Having both oars in the water” has served me well throughout life.  Even now when things don’t go as planned, after a little review I find the reason is often that I don’t have both oars in the water!!!


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