Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Happy Birthday Marilyn !!!

Welcome to Hometown Memories:  The following is a piece of mixed media art that tells a story about living on the Schoodic Peninsula.  The time frame varies, the people and places change but the feeling one gets from living iin or visiting a small coastal town is the same.

Marilyn's Puzzle

Marilyn’s Puzzle

This piece tells a story about Marilyn Coombs, my mother.  I’m posting this in honor of her birthday, last week.  She would have been 91 this year,  She fell for my father, married and moved to Winter Harbor around 1950.  During her time there she found her niche, made many friends and raised her family.  Early in the family life she took in laundry to supplement the family income.  Marilyn set up office in the dining room and was Town Clerk for many years.  Approximately in 1960 she became a bank teller in Winter Harbor’s first bank.  She retired from the bank as a bank manager, a position that she held for many years.  She was an active member of the Women’s Club, the Chamber of Commerce and at one time was a member of the School Board.  My mother loved doing crossword puzzles, watching the Red Sox and almost any football game.   Sadly the Red Sox finally won a championship just after she died.  I’m hoping she knew that!!

Marilyn celebrated many happy moments in town and some very sad ones as well.  Her son Dennis married, moved town and had two children.   Having him, Connie, Amanda and Jeremy living in town brought  great joy.  She adored her Grandchildren and spent a lot of time with them, including Angela and Jessica (my children who visited on a regular basis).   Family was very important to Marilyn and she was very pleased when her parents moved to town in the 60’s and spent the rest of their lives nearby.  We all suffered a great loss when Dennis died at 30.  We are thankful for the support and love of a small town, during the good times and the bad.  I am thankful to have Marilyn and Colby as parents and appreciate everything she taught me about life.





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