Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Welcome to Hometown Memories:  The art included in this blog post tells a story of life on the Schoodic Peninsula.  The time frame varies, the people and places change but the feelings one gets from living in or visiting  a small coastal town is the same.

Mattie’s Garden

Mattie's Garden 10 x 10 mixed media

Mattie’s Garden
Spring is on the way!!!! I know to the folks from Winter Harbor that it does not seem possible-they are still plowing roads!!

This piece “Mattie’s Garden” depicts a Victory Garden, planted and tended by the women and men who were still living in town during the war years.  Neighborhood gardens would provide much of the needed food supply for the gardening season and also be” put up “or canned for the winter months.  Everyone who was available worked together to create the best crop possible.  Between gardening the soil and and the sea people who lived on the coast could provide quite well for their families (in comparison to perhaps those who lived in the cities).  In Winter Harbor some  folks have been providing for the family by fishing, lobstering, clamming, and worming throughout many generations.

This picture depicts Mattie Sargent, Madge Coombs and a man who may be Mattie’s husband.  It looks like they produced an excellent harvest together.



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