Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Welcome to Winter Harbor, Hometown Memories: Vintage photographs used as a focal point in Mixed Media Art.


Hauling in the Catch

Bringing in the Haul, Little Moose Island


The top photograph is Little Moose Island today, it is part of Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park.  The lower photo of the art piece is Little Moose Island sometime between 1930-45.

This depicts two of the Coombs brothers carrying crates of lobsters up to the cabin that the five brothers and their families shared on Little Moose Island during the summer lobstering season. This photo was found amongst many other Coombs family photos that I inherited.  There are other Mixed Media pieces that feature Little Moose Island and I will share them here throughout this Thursday challenge.

Do you have vintage photographs that you would like to make into art?  Classes and/or commissions are available.  Maybe you would like to share a story about your memories.



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