Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Welcome to Winter Harbor, Hometown Memories: Vintage photographs used as focal points for Mixed Media Art.

Former WH Fire Dept.

Former WH Fire Dept.

Winter Harbor Fire Dept., Billy's Truck

Winter Harbor Fire Dept., Billy’s Truck

A local lifetime resident of Winter Harbor, Billy Bickford purchased this fire truck when it was retired.  He has kept it maintained and drives it during parades and occasionally  to keep the engine in good working order.  This is a beautiful old fire engine, and I was out taking photographs one day when Billy was out and about with his truck.  He agreed to the photo and I ended up using it to commemorate the closing of the old Fire House and the move to the new.  A very generous woman in town purchased this piece and donated it to the Fire Dept. for their new building.

It is impossible to show details in a photograph but this piece has a variety of mediums that make up the whole: watercolors, acrylics, inks, stencils, venetian plaster, fiberglass resin and of course photographs of the vintage fire truck.

Do you have fond memories of old tools and equipment that have been retired?


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