Monday Menus from Maine-Lobster 2 Ways

There are so many ways to enjoy lobster.  Today I’ll address the choice between boiling or steaming the lobsters.

First decide how large a lobster you want and purchase enough so that most people can have at least 2.

A nice full pot of Lobster

A nice full pot of Lobster

Use a large kettle:  to steam pour 2 inches of cold water into the kettle (use sea water or add salt to the water)  Bring to a boil , add a rack and then add the lobsters one at a time.  When the water resumes boiling set the timer depending on the size of the lobsters.  1 1/4 pounders-13 minutes, 1 1/2 pounders-14 minutes and 2 pounders-18 minutes.  Remove pot from heat and serve lobsters.

If you prefer to boil the lobsters add approx. 3-5 quarts of water depending on number of lobsters, and as with steaming bring to a boil, add lobsters on at a time and resume a boil, then time them. 1 1/4 l.-9-10 min, 1 1/2 lb.-11-12 min and 2 lb.-15 min., remove from heat and serve.

There are many accompaniments for a lobster dinner, clams, mussels, potato salad, chips, coleslaw, corn on the cob and butter.  Desert can be anything but in Maine it is often blueberry pie.

Fresh lobsters are available and can be picked up or shipped to you from The Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op, call 207-963-5857 or web site:www.

Enjoy your feast from the sea!


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