Monday Menu from Maine-Shrimp Season-(not this year!)

These tiny sweet shrimp are very much  like the shrimp caught in the Gulf of Maine.  The local shrimp are sometimes a bit smaller and often sweeter.  The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has approved a moratorium  on fishing for shrimp in the Gulf of Maine for 2015.

This moratorium was called due to the 2014 shrimp stock numbering the lowest on record.  Warmer water temperatures has reduced the phytoplankton available for shrimp, as well as an increase in natural predators .

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail

Fresh Maine Shrimp is often enjoyed without cooking them first.  To cook shrimp:

Shrimp should be brought to room temperature about an hour before cooking.  Whole shrimp can be poached or steamed for a very short time,  then served warm or cold.  Remove the heads, peel and eat with your favorite cocktail sauce.



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