Throwback Thursday-Hometown Memories

Painting of Gerrish's Store

Painting of Gerrish’s Store

Gerrish's Store 2013

Gerrish’s Store 2013






Marie's Delights

Marie’s Delights

Welcome to Winter Harbor, Hometown Memories: Vintage photographs used as focal points for Mixed Media Art.

These photos are of a much loved place in town, Gerrish’s Store.  The Gerrish family sold Ice Cream, light sandwich style meals, penny candy, newspapers, some gift items and over the counter medicine products.  Everyone went there for their own favorite specialty and to say hello to Marie Gerrish and each other.  It was a gathering place, a place of friendship and necessities.  For a time the Post Office was also connected to the building.  Today it has been restored and is being operated as a small restaurant with a gourmet flair and a strong showing in the ice cream parlor!!!  I do not know who painted the first picture or when it was done but it does look very much like the place I remember during the period of 1960’s.  I would love to hear more comments and any memories that you might have.


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