Monday Menus from Maine-Hometown Memories

Good Morning- this page will feature a recipe from Maine each Monday.  Today I have chosen a scallop recipe.  This is the season for scallops in Maine.  I’m not sure if everyone realizes that scallops can only be harvested during a certain time period.

My husband used to dive for scallops and after a day in extremely cold water he’d arrive home bone tired with a wonderful bucket of scallops.  We would always package most of them up for the freezer.  The real treat was to cook up a dinner of fresh scallops.  I would always pan sear fresh scallops. For us this brings out the full flavor.  Some of the scallops I would cook would be as big as the palm of your hand-almost big enough for one per person-except they were so amazing that one would never be enough.  I would serve scallops with a green salad tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette.

How to pan sear scallops: wash the scallops in cold water, pat dry.  roll in a mix of flour, salt, pepper and small amount of garlic powder.  Heat a heavy skillet, add oil, when hot but not smoking add the scallops- turn with tongs, cook lightly on both sides.  They should be browned and on the medium rare side for full flavor.  Serve immediately! Enjoy!!!!

Maine morning on the ocean

Maine morning on the ocean


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