A Short Biography of Marian Solomon

This is such a fascinating story-I just love to see that someone cared enough to document her life. Much of my artwork is based on story telling and using old photographs and memorabilia. History is so fascinating!  I want to give credits:  I saw this site on http://knowleselle.wordpress.com and it was originally published by Sheryl Lazarus on http://myauntwasawac.com  I thank these folks for sharing!

My Aunt the WAC

Marian Solomon Marian Solomon

Welcome to my new blog! It’s always difficult to know where to begin when embarking on a new adventure, so I guess that today I’ll tell you how I became interested in Aunt Marian and her story.

When I was cleaning out my parent’s attic, I found a trunk full of her items, including a handwritten cookbook and lots of Women’s Army Corps (WAC) memorabilia. There were items from Fort Oglethorpe, occupied Japan, San Francisco, and other places. My mother apparently stored the items for Aunt Marian many years ago.

When I first found Aunt Marian’s items in the attic, I had little interest in them because I barely knew her. I complained to my son that it was a lot of work going through her things. He said, “If seems like your grandmother’s sister would have been really old in World War II. How old was she when…

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