Assignment: What is my name? (What is in a name?)

Well maybe this is the time to ask people if they still carry the same name they were born with?

I do not f0r a variety of reasons.  My original name was Carol Jane XXX and the name given to me when I was adopted was Carol Ann Coombs.  So that would have been a good place to stop but when I got married the “rules” that I understood included taking my husbands name.  I did this and became Michaud- a name from the Franco American community in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine.  Michaud is a nice name but most people could not pronounce it until just recently when Mike Michaud (not related) ran for a political office.  Thank you Mike.  Now many people can say my name correctly.  I feel as though I should speak french, and wish that I did, but I am not talented with languages and after spending five years in class I can only understand a bit of the language and do not speak french.  I use my name for the title of my main web site.  Most people who buy my art keep in touch by using my name.

That is the story of my name.  I look forward to hearing other stories.

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