What is “Soul Stories by Carol”

This site was created to introduce artwork that focuses on telling a story about a person, place, or object.  I began this work after finding hundreds of old photographs of our family,friends and neighbors in the very small town that I grew up in on the coast of Maine.  As I sorted through the photographs I realized that there were some very rich and interesting narratives that could be told through my artwork.  This was the beginning of a series called “Hometown Memories”.

This site will include stories about individuals, places and a way of life that has gone by in this generation.  It will include photos of the completed works, some of the photographs I have used for inspiration, ideas on ways you too can make this kind of art and samples from classes I teach on this subject.

I do this work and share it through our Historical Society, our Library and a local Arts Center.  The work is available online and through a local gallery.  This site will introduce these places and talk about working with various individuals and organizations can enrich a project and it’s outcome.

Please join me for more on this subject, Carol


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