Soul Stories by Carol “HometownMemories”

Hello everyone. I am Carol Michaud,  Mixed Media Artist.  For this blog site I will be discussing a theme that is near and dear to my heart, “Hometown Memories”.  The town I focus on is Winter Harbor and the Schoodic Peninsula.  This theme and some of the art work could be from any town on the coast of Maine and beyond.

I hope that the viewer will see the works presented and be carried away to a much earlier time, or perhaps a time known only through story telling and old photographs.  This site will be mainly visual, and will be accompanied by descriptions of the people and places created  using original photographs.  I have been collecting images from my family, the Winter Harbor Historical Society and friends.  

Perhaps you’ll recognize scenes, names or ideas from your own history as you browse.   Today’s photo is of Hammond Hall which houses Schoodic Arts for All, a community based program that teaches and celebrates the arts in Winter Harbor. I am teaching 3 classes on Mixed Media Story telling at Schoodic Arts for All Festival in August.  This blog will describe these classes and the process involved and will be accompanied by photos of some of my work. 

I apologize for being tardy.  My 7 year old Granddaughter was visiting us for a week and we devoted all waking hours to her enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy this blog.  I really appreciate Nicole giving me this opportunity to learn about blogging and develop better skills.  I also appreciate others sharing their insights about a wide variety of topics.Image

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