Soul Stories by Carol “Hometown Memories”

Day 2 :  I’m wondering how one becomes interested enough to look for older blogs that contain more information about the theme if they come to this site today for the first time?  I don’t want to bore regular readers with too much repeated information.  What is the balance?

I am posting a Mixed Media piece called “Pie Anyone?”  This picture was  created using a photograph from my Grandparents collection.  The Coombs family (5 brothers and their families) would move their Lobster hauling from Winter Harbor to Little Moose Island  located on Schoodic Point Imagein the summer.  They erected a rough dwelling on the island and would spend summers living and working there just off Blueberry Hill.  This picture shows a woman standing outside of the cabin holding a freshly made pie.  When I looked at this I could not help but wonder how she could possibly have accomplished such a feat (as pie making) in that cabin, when I have trouble producing pies using pre-made crusts and electric stoves.

The photographs were probably taken in the 1920’s.  The men would haul their traps from a double ended dory that they would row from trap to trap.  People look very happy and contented in the collection of photographs that I have used to portray this lifestyle.  Do you have family photos similar to these, maybe farming, working in the woods, or other occupations of the time?  What kinds of stories could you tell?



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